Suggestions on how to make money at the casino


AP’s or even knowledgeable recreational machine players (i.e. players searching for excellent VP paytables) will find it more difficult to follow this advice since the machines with good paytables are already in the right place. In the case of everyone else, I would say that casino bums are frequently more comfortable approaching someone who is basically alone and conversing with that person on an individual level. As a result, if you are seated among a large number of other players, I would advise that you are less likely to be disturbed.


Many of these casino gamblers who are spinning tales about needing gas money are, of course, simply individuals who have broken out and are looking for additional money in order to attempt to strike something big. This isn’t going to be true for all of them, but I’d wager that it is true for at least half of the population. While this is not precisely the same as the third suggestion, it is somewhat linked to it. For example, A bum of this type is less likely to approach you if you’re a player and you’re playing near a major walk-through for other players and slot technicians, since he or she does not want to attract the notice of casino employees, especially security personnel.

If you are a man, you should use the restrooms.

I have no clue why this is happening, but on two different instances, I have been approached by bums at the urinal and asked for money. On both instances, this has clearly annoyed me to a considerable degree. As a consequence, I now utilize the stalls even when I’m just requesting a number 1.


The purpose of security is to keep the premises secure, and it can be fairly assumed that they do not want the casino bums to annoy you any more than you do not want to be disturbed by the casino bums. Some individuals are concerned that a bum may violently react if a prospective mark reports the bum to security, however in most cases, security will guarantee that the bum in issue is removed from the premises entirely and promptly.

You will also be assisting future patrons because security staff will know who they are looking for, so while the bum may not be permanently barred from the casino on the first occasion of bumming, it is highly likely that the bum will be criminally trespassed from the property given the number of times the bum has been reported to security.

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